The script

Gorgias is a dialog written by Plato ( +/- 380 B.C) to criticize those in Athens who sold their knowledge for money and power, and to present Socrates’ vision of life, based on precepts of justice, freedom and curiosity.

Of course, there are many different interpretations of Plato’s original intent. If you want to discuss that matter with us, and help us frame our dialog, please feel free to reach us through the email form below.

The project

Following the original dialog structure and arguments, we try to give an easy-to-understand overview of what are rhetoric and philosophy, in a modern set-up and language.


Three rhetoricians, very wealthy men, are having a nice party in Callicles’ overwhelming house, until comes Chaerephon with his friend, Socrates, who will progressively turn their vision of life upside down.


Distribution (script & movie) through : popular video platforms, digital media partnerships (Publishing houses, bookstores, cultural centers…) and independent movie theaters.

The movie will be licensed under the Creative Commons license.
Any reuse are accepted and even promoted.

We are looking for comedians, crew and locations !

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